Gutten Abend Damen und Herren!

Welcome to the new blog, it’s a continuation and eventual replacement of my Myspace blog which I’ve been posting my “Not So Secret Lives of Super Heroes” series sporadically for the last few years, along with other miscellany. All the posts are still up there and all the pictures are in the gallery section of this page.


For these Pictures, I thought I’d take a look at some Superhero origin stories and how they’d play out in this gritty, realistic (read: boring, superscience-free) world of ours.


Not So Secret Origins #1:

The All-Too-Credible Hulk!

Not So Secret Origins #2:

The Sensational Spider Bite!

Not So Secret Origins #3:

The Flash (of Fucking Lightning Never Does Anyone Any Good)

Look out for part 20. It may or may not have bells on!